Paint.Net – An alternative to GIMP

As many other folks, I was also looking for some decent image manipulation software. My requirements doesn’t mandate any professional graphical tools like photoshop. Till date the only choice I had was GIMP. Recently I came across this tool called Paint.NET developed on .NET platform and maintained with open source license.

There are two reasons why I would rate this program higher than GIMP

  1. Simple User interface inline with Windows
  2. Loads faster than GIMP and does performs the tasks required for me.
  3. Advertisements

Software Tools

Tools makes you upto your trade.  In software, the tools are plenty, there is also problem of plenty here.  I am planing to list my day-today use open source / free tools for managing Software engineering life cycle here.  I use many of these tools by choice and there are some compromises. But
here is the list and thats important. Later I will post my view on
those compromises.







Tight VNC






Started Flocking

If you are interested in blogging, then there is little chance that you had missed the arrival of new browser with Web 2.0 capabilities. Flock – a new browser with built-in functionalities to support collaboration via integrated blogging, soc bookmarking and much more. I just started using Flock and wanted to give a try for a week before deciding to stay with Firefox or move ahead with Flock.

Perfomancing for Firefox

There would be numerous posts already on Performancing plugin for Firefox. But I am mentioning here as my first post. I am using that plug-in to post this entry.  I tried moving to Flock., but returned back to firefox as I found this extension satisfies my need to move for Flock (atleast for time being).