FREE Microsoft Software for Download

As mentioned here, there are numerous Free software from Microsoft


IBM Software Architecture Kit

Architecture section of IBM Developerworks offers a complimentary kit for IT architects, which provides a collection of materials that can help based on IBM Tools. This kit includes several podcasts from Grady Booch, an webcast on SOA, several demos, Developerworks articles and whitepapers.

It covers

  • Model-driven development and Model-Driven Architecture
  • Patterns-based development
  • Structural review and control
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

You can find the architecture kit here

Tutorial Search Engine

With tens of hundreds of online tutorials and other training materials, it requires some specialized tools to search / find relevant information.

Pixel2life is a tutorial search engine. The service has a database of more than 15,000 tutorials on different computing related subjects such as JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and so on. Pixel2life is quite dynamic and to help you easily track the latest additions to its index, the service features a RSS feed also.

Defintion for Architecture

My definition would be “Art of transforming a business requirement into efficient IT Solutions”.

Lets us see how others define the term “Architecture”

the manner in which the components of a computer or computer system are organized and integrated
Oxford English Dictionary:
Computing. The conceptual structure and overall logical organization of a computer or computer-based system from the point of view of its use or design; a particular realization of this.