Got a new mobile phone

After a long time (closely five years), I had changed my mobile device from Nokia 6310i to Nokia E50. A metal black edition with built-in camera.

I loved my old phone very much. It never given any problem over these years until I had broke its  power switch. Till that time, I never bothered to find Nokia service centers in Bangalore. When I visited one of the nokia care center in Jayanagar, Bangalore, I was told that this phone model is extinct and I will not able to get original part replacement for the switch.

I tried to work around by not switching off the phone for a month and some times used pen tip (or) some nails to switch it one. But could not help further and now I had replaced it.  Nokia 6310i was a robust piece and it had withstood my crude usage patterns. I was using the power on switch for changing my profile settings several times in a day. I guess that caused its failure.

I was looking for a similar phone, with huge battery capacity and some decent infrastructure  and  I had a budget limit in my mind. With this criteria, I just zeroed on Nokia E50, a simple but elegant model which had all the basic features I was looking for.

Now I am trying to learn some basics about S60 platform and new applications for this phone. I guess it would take couple of weeks to understand and utilize the new phone to its capacity.


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