Bangalore Traffic information Systesms (BTIS)

At last, the silicon valley of India – Bengalooru (Bangalore) had got some online information systems to find way to roam the city.  BTIS is a partnership of Mapunity, Airtel, and Bangalore Traffic Police.

At a first look, the site provides a decent live traffic conditions and directions.  I tried giving my home location and work location – the route or directions given is almost close to best possible route.  But the auto fares given at site is not close to the actual rates we have to pay for the given distance.

Nice job … keep it up.  Its a good source for any one new to Bangalore.


Conference for Java, Enterprise Architecture and SOA in India

SDA India magazine and JAX magazine announced an Indian edition of their conferences at Bengalooru, India starting 28th May 2007.

There are three conferences

The last date for submitting papers is 6th Feb 2007 (for all the three conferences)

Securewars – IT Pro Security Contest for Indian IT Professionals

Microsoft India announced an multistage contest on IT security to promote the concepts of information system security among Indian IT professionals.

The contest is called Securewars. You can get more details here.

Registration process started on 30th Nov 2006 and its open till 31st Dec 2006.


Stage I: 

  • Online quiz – 50 questions on various topics
  • Starts on 7th Dec 2006  –  end on 31st Dec 2006
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Test duration is 60 mins
  • Negative marks for wrong answers
  • Top 1000 participants will be selected for stage II

Stage II:

  • Online quiz  – 50 questions
  • Starts on 3rd Jan 2007  – ends on 15th Jan 2007
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Test duration is 60 mins
  • Negative marks for wrong answers
  • Top 100 participants will be selected for stage III

Stage III:

  • Scenario based case studies
  • Expecting architectural proposal for IT security
  • Starts on 17th Jan 2007 – ends on 31st Jan 2007
  • Microsoft panel will review submitted proposals
  • Top 10 participants will be announced on 14th Feb 2007

Stage IV:

  • Interview by Microsoft panel

Its a good chance for any Indian IT professional to demonstrate their expertise.

Don’t Call / Do not Disturb webpages for India

Everyday, I get few telemarketing calls to sell Credit cards, Insurance packages,etc etc.  As in today at Bengalooru, I guess almost every other person who has a mobile number is affected by this telemarketing spams.

Today I saw a very good post from one of my favorite blogger Venkatarangan, listing Don’t call / Do not disturb repositories for Banks.

Here is few links:

I am going to personally register myself on each bank to avoid these telemarketing calls. As venkat mentioned there, its is recent effort by Reserve Bank of India warning banks against.

The GRE Guide

Guru Panguji had compilied an excellent resource list for GRE aspirants.

GRE – the Graduate Record Examination, a test conducted by ETS- Educational Testing Services, based in Princeton, New Jersey. In India, this test is seen as gateway for entring US universities to do their graduate studies. This tests a person’s ability in verbal, math and analytical sections.