Ruby on Rails

After long hesitation, I tried installing Ruby on Rails and to wet my hands with some Rapid Web application development with Rails. As noted in various web articles and documents on web – installation and configuration is very smooth.

1. Download the Ruby installer for Windows from here. I had downloaded version
2. Once Ruby is installed, we can use gem to download & install rails framework.

gem install rails –include-dependencies

This works.  I am not sure what is gem yet.  I understand its some sort of packager and installer for ruby platform.  But not sure how it works yet.  Once rails available on my ruby platform, I just need to use some simple commands to create working web application in mins.

Looks very interesting at first look.


Conference for Java, Enterprise Architecture and SOA in India

SDA India magazine and JAX magazine announced an Indian edition of their conferences at Bengalooru, India starting 28th May 2007.

There are three conferences

The last date for submitting papers is 6th Feb 2007 (for all the three conferences)

Online resources to learn Spring Framework

Spring frameworkhad evolved into primetime Java Enterprise application development framework over last two years. Though we are using Spring framework from early releases, I am sure that I haven’t mastered all the “aspects” of this framework. Here is my collections of some simple, but useful online material which can be good starting point in learning this framework.

Online Resources:

IBM developer works article series:

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MSN Messenger World’s Best App Contest

The winners of MSN Messenger’s Worlds Best App Contest were announced now here.

For those uninitiated, World’s Best App contest was run by Microsoft from September through Dec 2005. This was to promote and inspire developer community towards MSN Messenger SDK and other MSN services. The applications were categorized into Game & Non-Game.

There are some very interesting ideas in Non-Game categories which could be implemented in any collaboration environment like MSN.