Setting up reverse proxy in Apache Http Server

1. Install Apache web server.

2. Edit the httpd.conf file with following modifications.  You can find this configuration file under <Apache installed directory> /conf directory. Take a backup of existing configuration files before making the changes.

3. Uncomment the following lines under LoadModule section.
(assuming you working on windows environment/ the file name and path for Load File entry will change for linux)

LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/
LoadFile D:\downloads\apachedll\libxml2.dll

4. Reverse proxy requires the following libraries (if you are downloading the Apache binary files, these files are not included in the distribution)

Attached zip file contains these files for windows environment here.
For linux, you have to get equivalent libraries

5.Setup reverse proxy entries by adding the following lines at the end of httpd.conf file
ProxyPass   /a1/site    http://mysitename/consumer/site
ProxyPass   /a1/services  http://mysitename/consumer/services

Bangalore Traffic information Systesms (BTIS)

At last, the silicon valley of India – Bengalooru (Bangalore) had got some online information systems to find way to roam the city.  BTIS is a partnership of Mapunity, Airtel, and Bangalore Traffic Police.

At a first look, the site provides a decent live traffic conditions and directions.  I tried giving my home location and work location – the route or directions given is almost close to best possible route.  But the auto fares given at site is not close to the actual rates we have to pay for the given distance.

Nice job … keep it up.  Its a good source for any one new to Bangalore.

Ruby on Rails

After long hesitation, I tried installing Ruby on Rails and to wet my hands with some Rapid Web application development with Rails. As noted in various web articles and documents on web – installation and configuration is very smooth.

1. Download the Ruby installer for Windows from here. I had downloaded version
2. Once Ruby is installed, we can use gem to download & install rails framework.

gem install rails –include-dependencies

This works.  I am not sure what is gem yet.  I understand its some sort of packager and installer for ruby platform.  But not sure how it works yet.  Once rails available on my ruby platform, I just need to use some simple commands to create working web application in mins.

Looks very interesting at first look.

Got a new mobile phone

After a long time (closely five years), I had changed my mobile device from Nokia 6310i to Nokia E50. A metal black edition with built-in camera.

I loved my old phone very much. It never given any problem over these years until I had broke its  power switch. Till that time, I never bothered to find Nokia service centers in Bangalore. When I visited one of the nokia care center in Jayanagar, Bangalore, I was told that this phone model is extinct and I will not able to get original part replacement for the switch.

I tried to work around by not switching off the phone for a month and some times used pen tip (or) some nails to switch it one. But could not help further and now I had replaced it.  Nokia 6310i was a robust piece and it had withstood my crude usage patterns. I was using the power on switch for changing my profile settings several times in a day. I guess that caused its failure.

I was looking for a similar phone, with huge battery capacity and some decent infrastructure  and  I had a budget limit in my mind. With this criteria, I just zeroed on Nokia E50, a simple but elegant model which had all the basic features I was looking for.

Now I am trying to learn some basics about S60 platform and new applications for this phone. I guess it would take couple of weeks to understand and utilize the new phone to its capacity.